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Relax at Home Mobile Hairdresser Swindon North Wiltshire
Creative Cutting


Creative cutting without the rush and at a great price!


Salons can be such busy places it's often hard to relax.


I love to find the perfect style with time to discuss

your hair ideas

AND I'm a good listener!


Childrens Mobile Hairdresser Swindon North Wiltshire
Children's Hair


Haircuts at home can be fun!


I have a flair for children's hair and not fazed by wriggles, giggles tantrums or tears.


I am experienced in hairdressing with children

with additional needs and always allow plenty of time

to get to know your child.

Expertise Elderly Hairdressing Swindon North Wiltshire
Still Stylish


I pride myself in giving a professional service to

ALL my customers

and this is just as important for my older clients.


With expertise of hairdressing in a Nursing Care Home

you can be sure that

I am sensitive to individual needs and limitations.

Natural Radiant Hair Colour Swindon North Wiltshire
Colour Advice


I can help you decide the best shade, tone and type of colour for you


Do you have allergies to chemical colour?


Do want to embrace

the greys?

Perms Waves Natural Curls Swindon North Wiltshire
Permanent Waves


Perms have been around for a long time and still have a place today in hairstyling.


Please contact me if you

would like a perm but you could be surprised - with a few clever tips you may be able to achieve your

own natural curls!

Girl With Shiny Strong Hair Swindon North Wiltshire
Healthy Hair


Advice on how to achieve healthy, shiny hair both in good hair care routines and care from within.


Health issues and poor nutrition can show in your hair months later. I can help you to repair your hair.

Herbal and Henna Hair Natural Colour Swindon North Wiltshire
Herbal & Henna


Natural choice - looking for a kinder colour?


Advice and specialist knowledge on Henna and herbal hair colouring


Let me mix and apply the perfect colour for you.

Hair Style Swindon North Wiltshire
Style File


Looking for a new you ?


It's always good to find a picture you like to show your hairdresser as it can be tricky to describe what you mean.


Take a look at some styles...

For advice

on hair care and appointments please

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