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Kids Haircuts at Home North Wiltshire | Berkshire

Children's Mobile Hairdressing

When you are little salons can be scary !

It's so much easier at home with all your toys and familiar things around you so having your haircut at home can be fun AND I'm not fazed by wriggles, giggles, tantrums and tears!


After many years experience I still love my work and have a real flair for children's hair. I allow plenty of time when I first get to know your child to build their trust and confidence.


Many of you will worry that your toddler will not sit 'nicely' when having a haircut and that it will escalate into a full blown tantrum but relax, I have a lot of experience with children and have many ways to make it a fun and ordinary happening for them and help build their confidence.

One tip to prepare them is to talk beforehand about having their hair ‘done’ not ‘cut’ and I usually suggest that little one sits on mum or dad’s lap with maybe a favourite film on, this can really help and if another older child or adult is having their hair done that they go first so they can see there is nothing to be afraid of.

Of course we all have ‘off days’ and if tears and tantrums happen no worries it stops eventually and I always like to allow as much time as needed - something that is not possible in a salon situation.


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