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Lock-Down Haircuts

As a professional hairdresser

I never imagined a time when I'd be advising how to cut your own hair at home but these are not usual times. Of course in the scheme of things hair and beauty routines are very low on the list of importance; however we do have to manage the small things too and as many 'normals' as we can still do will really help balance the ever growing mountain of things we have no control over.

How we look and feel about ourselves as we all know has a huge impact on our mood and overall well-being. Many of you will already be feeling in need of a tidy up so (with fingers crossed) I'm here to help you through.

Firstly do you really have to?
If your hair is one length and not at the point already then you're probably best to just concentrate on giving it as much love as you can with a good hair care routine; limiting the amount of heat and chemicals that you throw at it and opting for hair up styles (loads of great tutorials on YouTube).

If you have short hair now then you may well be fine to just leave it to grow out with minimum attention aside a great hair care regime. This will really help everyone what ever stage your hair is at. We can use this time to at be kind to our hair. Who knows we may learn to love the freedom we can get from the pressure of having to 'look good' constantly!

Fringe getting in your eyes?
This is where people usually pick up the scissors in desperation - STOP! It's the easiest place to go wrong! Aim to grow it out and clip or twist/ plait it to the side whilst it's growing.
But if you must then take it gently snip it slowly trying point cutting which will soften the ends and hide any uneven cutting. Cut less than you think and on dry straightened or blow dried hair not wet as it will shrink much more than you think!

Boy's to Men hair:
Boy's hair can be also left to grow as who doesn't love the surfer dude? Or a buzz cut is actually very easy and low maintenance with some clippers. Did you know you can get silent ones too?

Girls hair can be easier as often long and lots of easy up styles will help. A gentle snip of the ends straight around is actually very easy and will stop tangles and split ends. If you gently twist long hair and tie with socks at night it will stop the tangles and you'll wake up to beachy waves!

Don't forget the dreaded nits!
Keeping a good routine of prevention rather than cure; weekly comb through hair with a nit comb and conditioner. This stops the problem before it gets a hold. There are special combs for curly hair with longer prongs. A few drops of tea tree oil in a water spray bottle sprayed on regularly will deter the pesky things. However we at least won't be so exposed to them right now!

For all:
Wash hair less often with shampoo; rinse through often with water only to clean and freshen. Try Co-washing (conditioner only) this can be life changing for curlies and wavies.

Itchy scalps, greasy hair or hair with product overload:
A great natural remedy is ACV (apple cider vinegar). It has a PH close to skin and hair so is ideal to use as a rinse diluted in warm water. This will bring your hair and scalp back to it's natural state and help balance any compromised ones. Use 1-2 tablespoons in jug of warm water. Use as a shampoo/ conditioner or in place of both. Rinse with fresh water.

Having done lots of research you still decide to go ahead then go gently; this is not the time to experiment. Remember all you should be aiming for is a maintenance cut not a complete restyle. Most important buy a decent pair of cutting shears put those kitchen scissors back in the drawer right now!

Hope this helps!

Best wishes and stay safe

Wendy x

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Make sure your hair is clean, conditioned and best to be dry. You are far more likely to make mistakes with wet hair as it seems to shrink much shorter when it dries. Blow dry or straighten so you can comb through easily and can see how the hair lays, you can double check later when hair is wet if you've missed anything. Try a few gentle snips on the longest strands to get the feel of it. Aim to only take a half inch off - remember you can't stick it back on! Point cutting really gives a professional finish and gives movement to to the ends.

Gents tidy ups are best kept to following your current style, maybe sporting a buzz cut or why not relax into a surfer dude look and just tidy up the wayward areas while it grows out.

Should you feel able (or brave enough) to take more off or try a shorter style then this is seriously impressive. You'll certainly need some mirrors all around you for this one!

Cutting children's hair can seem scary but talk about giving their hair a 'trim' rather than a cut then set them up with a screen to hold and a treat afterwards and you're good to go!

Boy's clipper haircut - You can do it!

Girl's basic bob haircut - Simple!

Very curly hair should be cut in its natural curl and not under tension so you can see how it wants to sit naturally.

It's worth learning the curly girl (guys too) method of hair care beforehand. This is such a game changer for curlies and wavies you may well wonder how you ever managed before...

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