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COVID19 - Return to Work!

We now have the government info for close contact work and I've been absorbing the 48 page document!

New protection methods to use but most already in place as hairdressers training includes strict hygiene and sanitation practice.

I have some availability left for July appointments and as long as you or one of your household/ bubble household is not shielding then I can book you in.

August bookings will be open soon when I'll be prioritising shielded clients in the order I cancelled them in but do contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate you. Looking forward to seeing you soon x

Hair Kind

Look after your tresses !

Learn to LOVE your hair...


Kith & Kin
Why Not Get Friends and Family Together? More fun and great for nervous children to see having a hair cut is nothing to be scared of  :)


Kithkins Mobile Hairdressing Offer
All The Family Haircuts
Childrens Hairdressing
Seniors Mobile Hairdressing
Friends and Family Haircuts
Childrens Hair
Childrens Haircuts
Salons Can Be Scary!
Many of you will worry that your little one will not sit 'nicely' when having a haircut and that it will escalate into a full blown tantrum but relax, I have a lot of experience with children and have many ways to make it a fun and ordinary happening for them and help build their confidence...
Senior OAP Haircuts
Seniors Mobile Hairdressing Service

Bringing The Salon To You At Home!


As a Senior Citizen or OAP you still care about how you look and having your hair done is a sure way to boost the ‘feel good factor’!


However it’s not always that easy to get out to the salon especially if you now need a little helping hand or if illness or disability means you are mostly at home...                                        

Herbal and Henna Hair Natural Colour
Henna for Hair

Permanent Natural hair colour !


Find out more about pure henna which has great conditioning properties and gives wonderful natural looking permanent hair colour...


Holiday Hairstyles
Holiday Hair

Get Holiday Hair in Mega Quick time!

As always we tend to leave it all until it’s nearly time to set off on holiday but that doesn’t have to include your hair!

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Seniors Mobile Hairdressing

Seniors Mobile Hairdressing Swindon