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Summer Holiday Hair


As always we tend to leave it all until it’s nearly time to set off on holiday but that doesn’t have to include your hair !

Get Holiday Hair in Mega-quick Time:

We mostly get told NOT to colour hair until you get back from your hols but why would you want to look drab at the best time of the year! BUT take it gently with a quick semi colour, maybe choose a shade deeper than normal as the sun will lift it up for you, quicker if you get your mobile stylist to come to you it will give you more time to pack !

TOP TIP: A more natural way if your hair is not coloured to brighten and lighten is to brush a little lemon juice through your hair and sit in the sun for 30 mins then rinse off thoroughly and condition.

Remember ALWAYS condition, condition, condition and use colour-save products for UV, Sea and Chlorine protection products whilst away to protect your locks and colour.

TOP TIP: If caught out in the sun without a hat or shade for a long time use sun cream it will protect your hair as hair is very like skin.

Catch those beachy waves with a salt spray simply scrunch dry for a tousled natural look AND your hair will thank you to leave off the heat from straighteners and blow-dryers.

Velcro rollers are fab too for a voluminous look without heat just let your hair dry naturally until just damp then take large sections and large rollers that sit on the section (don’t drag), let hair dry completely maybe in the sun for 15-30 mins and you will achieve big bouncy curls that you can break up with your fingers or run a natural bristle brush through your hair and get a sleeker look. For a more natural set curl take small sections and twist and fix into a barrel with bobby pins let air dry, shake out and break up with fingers – voila !

The trick here is to keep it casual - just twist and fix hair with pretty accessories, hairclips or scarves and let some fall down too. Go for that relaxed not too polished look. Create a faux bob, a soft ponytail, a loose chignon or plait into a side fishtail, the choices are as endless as your imagination!

TOP TIP: Hide growing out roots with wide colourful hairbands or even a clip in hair piece, no one will ever know !

Look after your hair on holiday and it will still be gorgeous when you come home but a new look or hairstyle when you return can be great to beat those post holiday blues !


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