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COVID19 - A little Reassurance...

I have all PPE and sanitising procedures in place. I keep track and trace records for 21 days and prior to the appointment send out a Covid19 questionnaire for confirmation to all clients.

I need a chair, 2 small towels and a surface to lay out all my sanitising products. I have everything else. I don't need a mirror. I'll be wearing a mask and a visor and if you can wear a mask also that loops behind the ears. Children optional.

I won't be washing clients' hair due to potential infection risk as an extra protection to everyone. Hair needs to be freshly washed ideally within an hour of the appointment. I will wet down with my water spray so doesn't matter if it dries.

I require everyone to sanitise their hands as I arrive and apart from the client when having the haircut, maintain social distancing.

I will have separate bags for each client with sterile brushes combs clips everything needed and will sterilize everything between clients like scissors clippers etc with Saloncide.

Payment ideally by direct bank payment.

Cash payments to be placed into an envelope or bag.

Best wishes Wendy.


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